Thursday, December 1, 2016

Racerstar RF2205 (RF2205S) motor review and thrust test

   I have recently received a set of Racerstar RF2205 2300Kv motors from Banggood for a review. Motors came well packed in a carton box. Package includes motors, bullet type prop nuts and 3mm steel screws. Motors are sold only in packs by 4 (2 CW + 2CCW). It would be great if Racerstar would offer an option to buy single motor. This will enable buying a spare one or a replacement for broken/bent/burnt motor. Personally I would suggest to sell only CW shaft thread version of these motors with a prop lock nuts. Lock nuts hold props hard enough on CW and CCW rotation motors there is no real need of different threads. Benefit of this is versatility of motor use – every motor can be either CW either CCW, no need to have 2 spares and in case of RF2205 - 4 spares.
Comes in packs by four
Motors have solid hard steel shaft. That is one of the reasons why they are heavier than BR2205.
Solid steel shaft and steel screws
There are a lot of cut-outs for air intake on the lower part of the stator. 
Cutouts for air intake and shaft nut
   Also notice that shaft is locked with 2mm hex screw instead of the C-clip. Dont tighten them too much, because plastic washer starts to rub against the bearing and introduces some drag to motor motion. 
Inside of the motor - the bell (rotor) is reinforced and well balanced. The windings are made of multi-stranded copper wire. Magnets are curved and N45SH strength grade. 

• Steel shaft – harder to bend 
• 20 AWG soft silicone wires
• Cut-outs in the bottom plate for air cooling
• Shaft is locked by hex screw instead of C-clip
• Curved magnets, N45SH
• Reinforced and balanced bell 

• Sold in packs by 4 pcs only
• Bullet type prop nuts

   Build quality is high. Thrust results show high static thrust power, one of the highest in their class. My personal opinion - they can be compared with Emax RS2205.

Here is my humble video review of these good motors:

Racerstar RF2205S 2300KV motor review (7 min 16 sec)

Static thrust tests:

Racerstar RF2205 2300KV thrust test (1 min 35 sec)

Tested with:
Batteries: 3S and 4S, 3500mAh 
ESC: Hobbywing XRotor 40A BLHeli 

Tested props:
DALPROP 5045 V2 2-blade
DALPROP T5040 3-blade 
DALPROP T5046 3-blade
DALPROP Q5040 4-blade 
KingKong 6040 2-blade


  1. I really love the rf2205 and I have a few sets. Really like what you stated they are emax red bottom comparable.

    But now is seems like Banggood stops selling them. The only place I could find them is

    They seems in Australia where I am. So if you are in Australia you have give it a try as well. I don't know how much they got left though.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kejun. I have compared the thrust data and specs with EMAX redbotomns and they were almost on pair, thats why I said they are comparable.
      RF2205 are (or were) the best motors from Racerstar 2205 series. It is really sad that they were discontinued. Well, knowing how often new products are appearing, I guess some new motor will pop up in short period of time!


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Racerstar RF2205 (RF2205S) motor review and thrust test

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