Friday, November 11, 2016

Eachine TX526 FPV video transmitter review

I have bench tested Eachine TX526 video transmitter, which I received from Banggood. 

This VTX has 4 power levels: 0 mW – 25 mW – 200mW – 600mW, 5 bands: A – b – E – F – r, 40 Channels total. 
Weight is 7.1grams, exactly the same as TX5828. Size is almost the same as other similar VTX‘es:

Size comparison with other transmitters

Changing of the settings can be easily done with just one button. Short press of the button to change channel, longer press (2sec) for changing band and long press (5sec) for power level selection.

It has RP-SMA antenna plug, despite some misleading information on the user manual leaflet. 

Cable is 5-pin JST-SH 1.0mm one. The same cable and pinout fits TX5828 transmitter. 

Current Draw measurements
Power level: 0 mW, Power usage: 40mA
Name: 20161021_014150.jpg
Views: 5
Size: 428.0 KB
Power level: 25 mW, Power usage: 110mA
Name: 20161021_014202.jpg
Views: 3
Size: 462.6 KB
Power level: 200 mW, Power usage: 220mA
Name: 20161021_014216.jpg
Views: 3
Size: 433.2 KB
Power level: 600 mW, Power usage: 300mA
Name: 20161021_014240.jpg
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Size: 436.9 KB

• Easy to setup – one button. 
• Has 4 power levels 
• Can be set at 0 mW power level (TX off)
• Remembers last settings after power off-on cycle
• 5pin JST-SH (1.0mm) cable, widely used in other transmitters

• None

Additional thoughts
• This VTX has interesting feature - turn transmitting power to 0mW. This setting can be usefull if you want to test/tune your quad in line of sight flight or while making some work on the bench. Also can be usefull for powering quad without VTX on racing events.

Eachine TX526 FPV video transmitter review (6 min 1 sec)

In the second part of the review I will test this VTX in the flight, make a test range, measure temperature and more.

This VTX was provided by Banggood for review

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