Monday, October 10, 2016

DYS D2830 1300kv motor review and thrust test

I have received DYS D2830 1300kv motor from Banggood recently. I want to share my thoughts and test data of this motor.
Motor quality is very good. Feels solid and well-made. I have tested it with 3S and 4S with 8040, 8040E and 9060E props. Got good results with 3S battery, but my tested propellers were too big for 4S battery - motor gets too hot. So I quess that 7 inch sized propellers should be OK with 4S battery.

Note: If you decide to cut the shaft, then I advice to put motor into some plastic bag while cutting. This will prevent metal grinding particles  from getting inside the motor (thanks to Mike Dubovsky for this tip!).

Tested props:
* GWS style 8040 prop
* APC style Gemfan 8040 (8x4)high efficiency propeller (you can find this propeller here:
* APC style Gemfan 9060 (9x6E) high efficiency propeller (you can find this propeller here:

APC style 8040 sized propeller is too big for 4S - motor gets too hot while  testing. I suggest to use smaller than 8040 sized propeller for 4S battery.

Thrust test result sheet:

Unfortunately I dont have RPM meter (yet), so no RPM data.

Anyone interested in thrust comparison with NTM 2826 motor?

+ Well-made motor
+ 3.5mm bullet connectors presoldered
+ Silicone wires (wires inside tubes)
+ Good thrust results
+ Best price

- Shaft is too long
- No label of size and kv on the motor

Bottom line:
Besides some minor issues, this is very good motor for medium sized planes. Provides more than 1Kg of thrust with Gemfan 9x6E high efficiency propeller (you can find this propeller here: ). Look at this thrust test at 4:55 of this video.

This motor was provided by Banggood for review.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or remarks.

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